BAMA - Guangxi Province, China

We have found that particular lands in China contain important codes from the earth that can potentially induce health on a global scale. Bama is home to the highest number of centenarians (people aged 100 or over) in the world, and in 1991 was designated the “home of longevity” by the International Natural Medicine Association. In 2015, there were 86 people in Bama living over the age of 100. We see that the secret lies within the rocks of the surrounding mountains, as when rainwater passes through them, the water is infused and charged with the necessary codes. These codes have been preassembled into these prehistoric rocks that are embedded deep into the limestone formations that line the mountains.


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davidd'i is a diversified artist, ranging from architecture to the design of codes that help change the path of humanity.

david d'i